Sing along!

If you enjoy singing in a community and listening to classical, polyphonic choral music, …

… and if possible, are younger than 70 years old
(also much younger, but at least 14 years old)
… Then you are right with us.

Knowledge of the notes is useful, but not a condition – and you do not have to be Catholic either. With us there is no audition!

If you are not sure about your own vocal abilities – or have not sung for some time:

It’s worth trying out!

After the rehearsal, those who are thirsty and in the mood, can linger over a glass of wine and a pretzel or other good things at the “Apr├Ęs-Chor” (our regular’s table) and get to know each other better.

The best in music is not in the notes!

(Gustav Mahler 1860-1911)

Tradition & future

(Sheet music) The church choir North State looks back on a long church music tradition.

To continue this success story, the choir always needs new singers and the surrounding area!

Community choir in the city

Today, after the choirs of the Cathedral Music, the North State is the largest choral community in the city. Singing together connects people of different generations.

Church & music

In keeping with the interior of the Rococo church, the North State  Chor cultivates especially the classical, polyphonic church music.

Similarly, modern sacred works and contemporary choral music occupy a high place.

But it’s not just the big works that are at the center of the rehearsal work. The focus is on the joy of music and making music together.

Services & concerts

Anniversary Concert “Milestones” of the choral life are major religious concerts at regular intervals. The special services for Christmas and Easter are musically decorated with festive (orchestral) masses.

We cordially invite you, without obligation and as a project z. Easter, Christmas or the next concert to sing along and would be glad if you pass on this invitation to others!

A good “starting time” for such a “trial project” is at the beginning of the New Year, after Easter, Pentecost or after the summer holidays.

But you are also welcome to come and meet us “just like that” on Mondays.

Music is good for the soul!

Excursions & Festivals

Worth mentioning is also the social life of North State Chores:

  • Excursions: Day trips or multi-day trips – also to other European countries, some are sung in well-known churches
  • Rehearsal weekends and rehearsal days: Intensive rehearsals prepare for special concerts –
  • Hikes with a comfortable stop on the way
  • the choir night: self-made lectures, ballet parties and music brings joy!
  • the “chicken dinner” to the Patronatsfest after the annual memorial mass for the living and deceased of
  • the North State Chores in November with delicious, homemade buffet

All good opportunities to get to know each other in addition to the rehearsals!