North State Choral Community By Board Room

The North State Choral Community is a growing organization whose members perform in all genres of music from the Old World, the New World, and Old and New England. Most of them are members of the National Society of Music Educators (NSME) or the American Society of Music Education (ASME). We perform with a variety of instruments and provide guest singers with a number of different accompaniments.


We produce music for choir and orchestra.

We also have several instrumentalists including violin, flute, piccolo, trumpet, brass, brass/woodwind/percussion, timpani, and keyboard. Our music can be performed in church, at the library, or in the school auditorium.


In addition to our regular recitals, we also present recitals of music sung in the public worship of the Episcopal Church: The Book of Common Prayer, The Psalms, Litany, Communion Wafer, and Circle of Prayer. 


Each of our choir members has a number of different talents. The director, Jeff Engel, is a professional composer of instrumental music. He provides music for choir, soloists, and orchestra. Other members of the choir and instrumentalists work as studio musicians.


The singers are chosen from members of the group. You can decide for yourself if you want to join our choir.


Music, though important, is only one aspect of the North State Choral Community. We believe in community, and we want to share our faith, love, and encouragement with our members. There are two ways to experience the variety of music we perform by visit website.


If you’re an affiliate of an area church, you can send a member of your choir to perform at the church you are affiliated with. There are usually two members on the committee of this activity. This way, all of the choir members in the area can attend your church’s worship service and take part in this activity.


Alternatively, you can send a member of your choir to the church you’re affiliated with. You’ll have to determine the amount of time you can devote to the project, and determine how much travel you’ll need. Keep in mind that the more time you can dedicate to the activity, the more likely it will be that other church members will be able to attend.


The second way to take part in this type of activity is to compose a music program and send it along with your membership packet. You can record and arrange the music to suit your own tastes and musical preferences. An example of such a program is a combination of classical music, hymns, and gospel songs.


Finally, you can sing. Your choir can become a live performance.

Even though it is possible to be the sole singer in the choir, we still encourage you to participate in this manner.


If you are attending a church where you do not live, we have recommended sending along a prerecorded program. In this way, you can be sure that no matter where you are at any given time, you can be heard by the congregation.


This unique, diverse community is finding new ways to grow and share their love for God. Their members are finding themselves in positions of leadership in many different areas of their lives. In addition to learning how to compose music for choir and orchestra, they are providing good music and Christian teaching in the public schools and communities.