Choral music as a special kind of art and its formation in modern conditions

Features of choral music and its development today

Choral music has been popular at various times and it is now unknown exactly when and under what conditions it originated. But the people who once heard the chorus singing in the church or anywhere, once and for all, become passionate supporters.
Choral direction differs from other musical genres precisely “polyphonic”, because choral music is performed by a group or a large group of singers. The singing melody in the acapella version sounds very good when there is no musical accompaniment. Choral singing, combined with orchestra or the single sound of different musical instruments, also makes a strong impression.

Classification of choral singing

Leaders of creative groups or church groups use special musical terms to determine the appropriate techniques for singing or the quantitative composition of the choir. The most common is the following classification:

  • The girls’ choir – with the high voices of young girls.
  • Children’s Choir – The voices of children have gentle shimmers, sometimes in such a choir the voice of a boy who has not yet reached the process of teenage mutation is taken as dominant.
  • The boy’s choir – different from others by the bell and the freshness of the timbre.
  • Female choir – can consist of performers of all ages. Owners of high voices, such as soprano and alto, are selected for such a collective.
    Men’s choir is impressive with its powerful performance, and the genres, tempo, and composition of such a choir can be very diverse because it has bass, baritones and tenors.
  • Mixed choir – composed of male and female voices, you can hear a light soprano, a playful viola, as well as a powerful tenor and serious bass. This is the type of church choir of the Northern State.

The tradition of choir-based church music has been formed over the centuries and is characterized by restraint and strict adherence to the rules for the construction of musical compositions.

The development of the choir in modern conditions

In contemporary art, choral singing is offered in bold innovative ideas as a synthesis of artistic genres. The most common are:

  • Introducing cinematic elements as well as adding slides.
  • Light shows and fireworks during street and park performances that enhance the emotional impression of choral singing.
  • Acting, including facial expressions, palms, movements and dances, foot-stomping, or other (often seen in the choral communities of the North State).
  • Engaging viewers when performing on large-scale stadiums, at schools or at church facilities.
  • Different techniques that create a special atmosphere of outrageous, surreal reality, color-sound applications and more.

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Choral music is a type of music that is nice to hear and play with your friends, relatives, and those who work or study together. She adds the energy and energy to the participants in the singing. It is known that more than 40 million US citizens of all ages regularly sing in the choir. Singing in a choir is even good for health because it is not only a unique art but also an accessible entertainment that gives inspiration for the soul and a positive effect for the whole body. Choral singing – uplifts, improves memory and concentration, nurtures our spiritual world, whether we are listening to songs or singing in a choir.