Traditions and Contemporaneity

North State Church Community is a people who unite their love of music, choral singing, traditions and the desire to help their neighbours.

Church musical tradition is one of the oldest. It can be choral and instrumental, as well as vocal and instrumental. Church music has a huge number of genres, the most ancient of which is the psalm that arose in the first century of our era.

Choral music is a section of church musical tradition; it accompanies services of the most diverse directions of Christianity. But it is important to know that singing has applied value, and is a form of art. It is performed in temples, at concerts, competitions, festivals. If you love church choral singing, you should definitely visit the North State community or their website.

Music for leisure and development

Music has always united people. This art allows you to relax, get aesthetic pleasure, but also experience different emotions and comprehend important issues. Music as leisure is perfect for people of all ages and social backgrounds. North State offers a very diverse program and a wide variety of music events.

You can go on an excursion for one or several days to see different cities in Europe, listen to singing in their most famous cathedrals. This is very interesting because traditions and acoustics are very different everywhere. You can also attend rehearsals or join them. They are held regularly and frequent before concerts. In addition, interesting lectures, concerts, dinner parties and trips are organized.

Virtual data rooms for organizing communities and festivals

Simple and successful community organization allows data rooms. It is an easy-to-use and multi-functional cloud. It is distinguished by its reliability, data protection and the availability of convenient tools for administrative work. The data room allows you to store documents and access them 24/7, set up group mailing, safely store information on income/expenses, reports, organize events online, share files, know who is viewing them and how, and much more.

Many people think that virtual rooms by are suitable for transactions or only for the commercial sector. But this is a very convenient tool for organizing enterprises of all directions and it is very actively used in the scientific, social and cultural fields. Activate the free test mode and bring more benefits to your community!