First communion in the parish of North State

Children belonging to our parish and entering the third grade are invited to attend the Lord’s Table in Norh state for the first time on Sunday after Easter – the “White Sunday” – and to attend the Body of Christ in Holy Communion receive.

Preparations for First Communion are being jointly organized by the parishes of city center. The management lies with community representative Mrs. Michaela. She accompanies the catechists of all four communities.

There are five family afternoons compulsory for the children, which will be followed up if missing. On these afternoons, we also look at the parents. They are important companions for the children. At baptism, they promised to raise their child in the Christian faith. Thus, on the one hand, they should be more involved in the preparation. On the other hand, they are shaped by their own life stories and family situations that shape their view of church and faith and raise questions. On the occasion of the first communion of her child, we would like to give the parents the opportunity to engage in an own dispute. Thus, on family afternoons, thematic units are offered on the one hand for the whole family, but also separated for children and parents. According to the heading “Come and see!”, It gives children and parents the opportunity to  discover God in their lives.

Each afternoon ends with a “homework assignment” for the families whose symbol is a magnifying glass, the homework is designed to develop the themes of family afternoons into everyday family life, to look at one’s own life and to discover God in it (” Come and see “).

Each afternoon includes a service that celebrates the celebration of the Eucharist. In the services should be included children and possibly parents by various elements (candle service to the Gospel, reading intercessions, taking over the preparation of gifts, Our Father with G

Voluntary “plus offers” invite to an intensification and perception of ecclesiastical life.

The parents of the children who are invited to first communion will be contacted by our parish office at the end of the summer holidays. In the first two weeks at the beginning of the new school year is already the first parent evening.

It is a preparation for the children to become acquainted with the rites and the celebration of Mass, and to celebrate the Sunday worship service with the church. For this the Holy Mass at 11:30 o’clock offers itself in a special way. The children gather for the first part, the liturgy of the Word, with a catechetical, in an adjoining room of the church, and come to the second part, the Eucharist, to the “great ones” in the church.

It is in St. Peter’s long-standing tradition that the First Communion children together with others perform the nativity scene on Christmas Eve in St. Peter’s Church and as a star singers at the beginning of the New Year bring the blessing from the church’s crib to some families, offices and the State Chancellery