Church music in the parish of St. Peter – St. Emmeran

Singers of all ages can join in the two choral communities to desire, mood and interest – some sing even in both choirs that make very different music.

The North State Chor (our church choir) brings in festive, mostly four-part music (also with orchestral accompaniment) at the high festivals and special church services in the church year.

The choir “All Generations” participates with mostly “new sacred song” at youth and family worship services – there is also an instrumental group with guitars, flutes, percussion etc.

Not least the great organ is an essential part of church music in North State. Originally from the Netherlands, it was installed in the church in 1986 and only cleaned and expanded in 2014. In addition, there is also a small choir organ in the sanctuary since 2015.

We cordially invite you to the various church music events and look forward to your coming and participating!

Please inform yourself on the following pages

  • the organ of North State
  • the PetersChor (church choir St. Peter 1877 to Mainz)
  • the choir All Generations

The young choir in North State “All Generations”

All Generations

Almost every month our young choir “All Generations” – formerly founded as a project choir and meanwhile a permanent institution in North State – joins a family or youth service in North State.

Every week, the children, adolescents and adults (around 40 people) come together at 6:30 pm on Tuesdays for a one-hour rehearsal in the parish hall. It sings the “NGL”, the new sacred song, including several English-language songs.

The management has Andreas Liutyk.

At the parish festival, the choir regularly shows its skills and invites you to sing along. They are also present at the Night of the Open Churches. The next concert will take place on Sunday, 11th November in the church.

Who wants to sing along, is welcome. Just come and see if it’s for you or for you. Even instruments can be brought along.