North State Choral Community By Board Room

July 15, 2020 admin zero comment

The North State Choral Community is a growing organization whose members perform in all genres of music from the Old World, the New World, and Old and New England. Most…

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Choral music as a special kind of art and its formation in modern conditions

April 1, 2020 admin zero comment

Features of choral music and its development today Choral music has been popular at various times and it is now unknown exactly when and under what conditions it originated. But…

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Church, Choir, VDR: What is the data room for choristers?

March 23, 2020 admin zero comment

The modern life of those engaged in choir music at the cathedral is not only composed of church music traditions during Sunday services and preparation for them during other days….

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North State Church Choir: Art and a Progressive Community

January 19, 2020 admin zero comment

Church music is one of the most ancient traditions, which has a huge number of directions, schools and genres. It can be vocal, instrumental and vocal instrumental. This type of…

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Traditions and Contemporaneity

November 16, 2019 admin zero comment

North State Church Community is a people who unite their love of music, choral singing, traditions and the desire to help their neighbours. Church musical tradition is one of the…

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